Why Human In Common?

Testimonials From Our Participants


“With Human In Common, Deborah and Nia bring an engaging personal style and a wealth of expertise in both subject matter and presentation, to tackle the complicated issue of intervening in situations of harassment or bias.”

Amber Black, Non-Profit
Communications Director


“The workshop was engaging, thought-provoking, and thorough. I left inspired, more conscious and more prepared to act in the service of others should the circumstances arise. I also found it helpful to my professional practice in dealing with clients. Thank you!!”

A.M, Psychotherapist
Northampton, MA


“Their breadth of knowledge and resources on the topics is astounding. I felt enriched and empowered after attending their bystander training and I actually find myself more able to speak up. A little practice in a safe space goes a long way.”

Val Nelson
Business/Life Coach

We are ready to help you build respectful, inclusive communities.