Training Description

This 6-hour training lays the foundation for a common understanding of the breadth and depth of racism and its impact on all aspects of society. Experiencing the History of Racism in the US Timeline in community increases awareness and commitment to racial equity. Activities and exercises address:

  • Community Agreements for engaging in learning together
  • History of Racism in the US Timeline
  • Unpacking our personal histories of race and racism
  • Data on the material impact of racism today
  • Stereotypes, prejudice & bias
  • White privilege: using it for good
  • Intersectionality and the complexity of racial experiences
  • Cultural humility
  • Looking through the lens of diversity, equity & inclusion
  • Language for talking about race, ethnicity and racism
  • Antiracist vs non-racist

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the breadth of the history of racism in the United States
  • Recognize the material impact of racism today in terms of wealth, educational outcomes, health, mass incarceration, employment
  • Comprehend concepts including: systemic racism, prejudice, implicit bias, stereotypes
  • Identify respectful language to use for talking about racial and ethnic social identities
  • Think critically to see through the lens of diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Recognize how white supremacy culture plays out in the workplace 
  • Use white privilege to amplify racial equity and support those who have been targeted 
  • Feel more confident and competent talking about racism

Testimonials for Interrupting Racism Level 1

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