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“Ethical Upstander Training appeals because it is direct. The scenarios that we did at your workshop showed how individual bias or lack of awareness can lead to decisions that have a harmful impact in the community.”

F. Perfas, Assis. Director, MA Dept. of Public Health, Bureau of Substance Addiction Services

“As new challenges arose that continued to grip our nation, like the fight for racial justice, we forged a meaningful, new partnership with Human In Common, a best-in-class diversity training consultancy that has been instrumental in helping us advance our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.”

Vince Jackson, Executive Director, Greater Northampton Chamber of Commerce

“I’m looking forward to the next installation. Being in your group is good medicine. You really have so much talent as a teacher and leader. All the right ingredients…that so rare balance between mind and heart.”

Chaia Heller, Professor of Anthropology and Gender Studies

“I had an amazing experience and learned a lot. I feel like, in the social justice world, we talk so much about checking our privilege and understanding it, and very rarely do we talk about how to best use our privilege for good or how to stand up in difficult situations. Thank you for opening up the conversation!”

Annie F., Hillel Social Justice Fellow

“I found this workshop surprisingly helpful. I learned how my initial response to harassment could result in consequences that could make a bad situation worse. This workshop was well planned, well-coordinated and well run. I think everyone felt that their concerns or behaviors were heard and acknowledged while gaining skills that will undoubtedly prove helpful in the future. My hats off to the people who realized a pressing need and came up with a solid toolbox for dealing with this issue. I would highly recommend this training to any business, school or group that wants to see a positive culture change in their community.”

M. Sternick, Architect

“This training gave me realistic responses to real life situations and a toolkit to use for any situation I find challenging.

J. Parks, Dept. of Public Health, Workforce Development & Training Coordinator

“As usual, Deborah Cohen and her colleagues have their finger on the pulse of a major need for our time….and importantly, how to help address it. Her careful planning and research, coupled with her truly amazing teaching ability combine to invite participants to confront our fears and become our better selves. I highly recommend taking any opportunity you can to participate in Bystander Training with Deborah and her colleagues.”

N. Whitley, Home Healthcare Business Owner

“With Human in Common, Deborah and Nia bring an engaging personal style and a wealth of expertise in both subject matter and presentation to tackle the complicated issue of intervening in situations of harassment or bias. These issues crop up in all types and sizes of institutions – including workplaces and schools – as well as in our private lives. Addressing these challenges by giving people the knowledge and tools to take appropriate action is a key investment in the well being and productivity of any organization’s community.

Amber Black, Non-profit Communications Director

“Here is a great opportunity to learn how to proactively be on the right side, how to help when help is needed and, most importantly, how to live proudly with a clear conscience. Thank you Human in Common for building bridges when others are trying to build walls.

M. Ibrahim, Architect

“Their breadth of knowledge and resources on the topics is astounding. I felt enriched and empowered after attending their bystander training and I actually find myself more able to speak up. A little practice in a safe space goes a long way.”

V. Nelson, Business/Life Coach

“I highly recommend this training. The presenters are highly knowledgeable, educated and thorough in their presentation of the material. They clearly know their subject matter through first hand professional and personal experience as well as researched, comprehensive study. I learned so much about the topic of bystander intervention, what it means, how to stay safe, take care of myself and still contribute to the well being of others who are at risk. The workshop was engaging, thought provoking, and thorough. I left inspired, more conscious and more prepared to actin the service of others should the circumstances arise. I also found it helpful to my professional practice in dealing with clients. Thank you!!”

A.M. Psychotherapist

This was AMAZING and different than any other diversity training I’ve experienced (and I experienced several recently). You not only talked about the pervasiveness of racism, you taught us what to do about it! Everyone should be required to take this training!”

Participant, MA Bureau of Substance Addiction Services

“I loved both workshops by Human In Common. I learned how I can and should respond to racial discrimination and biases. Can’t wait to attend more of them!”

Venita Qualls, Director of Soulful Essentials

“Deborah plus Nia are two of the most talented, exceptional, effective, knowledgeable and dynamic trainers I
have had the opportunity to learn from.”

2019 Participant, Interrupting Racism & Gender Discrimination

“Engaging, well-researched, beautiful presentations. I participated in multiple diversity trainings and these two days provided an excellent framework from which to work. I could feel both your commitment and respectful engagement with us all and I will be contacting you to bring you in to train our supervisors on supporting a diverse workforce. Thank you!”

2019 Participant, Interrupting Racism & Gender Discrimination

“Ethical Upstander© Training appeals because it is direct. The scenarios that we did at your workshop showed how individual bias or lack of awareness can lead to decisions that have a harmful impact in the community.

F. Perfas, Assistant Director, MA Dept. of Public Health, Bureau of Substance Addiction Services
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